Engel Power Inverter with USB DC-AC Canverter

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A can-sized power inverter that is designed to fit in the drink holder of your vehicle, complete with USB output. The Engel Canverter can power devices with a standard 3 pin wall outlet and a rating up to 100W, perfect for running laptops, small TV's, fan's and shavers as well as for charging the batteries of your camera, phone or MP3 player.

Simply plug the Canverter into the 12V DV cigarette outlet of your vehicle and you're good to go, and with a low battery shutdown feature, you won't have to worry about it flattening your car battery

Fits standard vehicle can holder 100W max.

Overload warning Thermal shutdown protection activates after heavy use

Features low battery shutdown at 10V In Use

Dimensions: 15L x 6.6W x 6.6D cm | 65cm Cable Packed Dimensions: 15L x 6.6W x 6.6D cm Material: Alloy Body | Plastic Ends Waterproof: No

Input Power: 10-15V DC Output Power: 240V AC Modified Sine Wave | 5V USB | 50 Hz 100W Continuous Weight: 0.44 Kg

Suggested Use: 4WD | Camping