Engel 75lt Combi Digital Platinum Series with COVER

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The Engel MT80FCP Digital Platinum Series Fridge / Freezer has an internal LED light to navigate your fridge belongings in the dark and is made of rugged steel casing to ensure the durability Engel is known for. The steel handles double as tie-down points when you're on the move and features fixed lid hinges with an optionally removable hinge included. The auto-switching removes the need for the user to switch power sources manually! The MT80 includes both the 12V that plugs directly into your vehicle's cigarette socket and the 240V lead with the three pin plug to suit all your needs.

This package includes the genuine Engel Transit Bag. This is a heavy duty canvas insulated cover that protects your fridge from bumps and scratches thus maintaining its resale value. It gives an immediate improvement to the insulation properties of your fridge thus increasing the 'cold hold down' time overnight - lessening the time the compressor has to run and therefore the draw on your battery - meaning you can go on longer holidays! Also incorporates a storage pocket for the cords or a couple of odds and ends.

For the Engel MT80FCP,  the freezer section of this combi unit must be maintained at or below -4 degrees Celsius, this will ensure the fridge is holding +4 degrees. If you were wanting to use the freezer compartment as a fridge, you can use the fridge to store dairy products, which will be approximately 6 to 8 degrees higher than the freezer.

External Dimensions: 561mm H x 790mm W x 490mm D (not including handles)

Weight: 40kg

Capacity: 75L (42L fridge / 33L freezer)

Material: Powder coated steel / high-density polyurethane insulation

Temperature Range: Minimum approx. -18°C

Compressor: Sawafuji

DC Power Consumption: Variable from 0.5 to 4.2 AMPS maximum

Power: Auto Switching 240 Volt AC / 12 Volt DC / 24 Volt DC

Electronics: Programmable battery monitor, digital thermostat control & digital display

3 Year Warranty