ENGEL 32L MT-V35F Fridge Freezer Grey

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The Engel MT-V35F Fridge Freezer is a versatile camping fridge freezer with plenty of space for your drinks and food. It includes an energy-efficient Sawafuji motor which automatically switches between 12 DC, 24 DC, and 240 AC to match your situation in the outdoors. The body is made of rugged steel with robust lid and handles, so it’s perfect for taking out bush or along in the caravan. It’s durable, easy to handle and transport, and backed with a full 5 year manufacturer’s warranty! So grab the Engel 32L Fridge Freezer to keep your drinks cold and your energy bills down.


  • 5 year manufacturer's warranty as a mark of quality
  • 32L capacity - can operate as all Fridge or all Freezer
  • Energy efficient Sawafuji swing motor to keep your energy bills down
  • Operates on Tri Voltage 12/24v DC or 240v AC
  • Auto selects voltage from 12v to 240v
  • Automatic internal L.E.D. light turns off once door is closed
  • 3 stage voltage / battery protection
  • User friendly digital control panel for ease of use
  • Rugged steel body, lid and handles with robust corner protection