Barastoc Poultry Breeder 20kg

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Barastoc Poultry Breeder is a nutritious, complete and balanced high protein feed, prepared as a short cut pellet.  This feed has been specifically formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of breeding hens, and is suitable for all breeds of poultry.

What will it provide my hen?

We understand how rewarding hatching your own birds can be.  Successful breeding is dependent on having a strong and healthy breeding hen, able to produce fertile eggs with high hatchability.  Barastoc Poultry Breeder is a complete and balanced feed, developed specifically to meet the nutritional needs of your breeding hen during this crucial stage of life.

  • Nutritionally balanced breeding feed to meet and support the health and fertility of the hen in order to support egg production and hatchability.
  • Fortified with additional Vitamin E & C which contain high antioxidant properties.
  • Short cut pellet for ease of consumption by a wide range of bird breeds and sizes.